DUI Class Information

DUI – School is the Risk Reduction Program and it has two components: the “Needs Survey” and the “Intervention” components.

The Needs Survey component is designed to help the offender understand his or her level of involvement with alcohol and/or illegal drugs and how it impacts his or her life. The assessment tool, Called NEEDS, is the first step.

The Intervention component consists of a 20 hour therapeutic education curriculum it is designed to change the actual drinking and drug use behavior of the individual.



Bring some form of picture identification with you to the office, be prepared to pay the course fee and sign the contracts. At present, the state-mandated rate for DUI/Risk Reduction is $360.00 (total). This includes the NEEDS assessment ($100.00), Plan to spend at least 45 minutes in the office to complete the required paperwork for the assessment the 20-hour Intervention course ($ 235.00), and program materials ($25).

Special notes for DUI/Risk Reduction

You must sign up ahead of time, it is hard to complete paperwork on the date of the class , However if you are attending a Fri, Sat, Sun class and complete assessment by 2pm on the day of the Friday class.

We do not provide transportation to the office.

There is no fee for debit transactions. No checks accepted on day of the class.


DUI/Risk Reduction Program Prices
NEEDS Assessment $100
20-hour Intervention Course $235
Program Materials $25
Program Total: $360


Out-of-state Issues:

The Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS) may not accept certificates of completion of a DUI School from another state unless the program is approved by the DDS as being in substantial conformity with the course content used by Georgia’s DUI Alcohol or Drug Use Risk Reduction Programs. The course must consist of 20 hours or more of classroom (not internet) risk reduction education. Not all States are in substantial conformity. Contact the Department of Driver Services to find out what is required in your case. They can be reached at 678-413-8400


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 DUI/Risk Reduction

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 Risk Reduction Staff


Leatrice Green

  • Department of Driver Services Certification # 1249
  • B.S. Biology from Clarke College Atlanta
  • Master’s Degree Counsel Education from Augusta State University
  • Plant Vogtle-Instructional Technologist
  • 3 years experience as DUI-Risk Reduction Instructor

 Billie Hullum

  • CADC II (Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor Level II
  • Bachelor Degree Psychology/Christian Counseling
  • Licensed DUI/Risk Reduction instructor
  • Certified Relapse Prevention Therapist
  • Certified MRT (Moral Reconation Therapy) Instructor